Top Ten Chapter Titles In Bill Clinton's Memoirs
1. I'm Writing This Chapter Naked.
2. I Pray Hillary Doesn't Read Pages 6, 18, 41-49, 76 And Everything Past 200.
3. Protecting The Constitution: How To Get Gravy Stains Out Of The Parchment.
4. A Few Of My Favorite Subpoenas.
5. From Gennifer to Paula to Monica: Why It Pays To Keep Lowering Your Standards.
6. 1995-1998: The Extra-Pasty Years.
7. Kneel To The Chief.
8. What's The Deal With That Moron You Guys Replaced Me With?
9. NAFTA-Bringing America Into... Ah Screw that, Who Wants To Read Some More About Bubba Gettin' Down?
10. The Night I Accidentally Slept With Hillary.
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