A miner wanders into the old west town after spending a year in wilderness pulling gold out of his mine. After cashing in his year's work, he heads to the nearest saloon and orders a bottle of whiskey. After several drinks he motions the bartender over to him.
"Hey bartender, you got any women here that would want to be, you know, intimate for a price?" he says under his breath.
"Nope" says the bartender. "All we got is 'Ole Joe' out back."
"I'm not into that crap" says the miner and storms out of the bar in a huff. A year passes by and the miner comes back into town, cashes in his gold, and heads back to the same saloon and orders a bottle of whiskey. As he drinks it he says to the bartender
"Hey, did you ever get any women in here"
"Nope" says the bartender, "but we've still got 'Ole Joe' out back"
"I just don’t go for that crap." says the miner and starts to leave but stops in his tracks and turns back. Pondering his two year lack of intimacy, the miner asks,
"Now, if I went out back with 'Ole Joe', whose going to know about it?"
The bartender scratches his head and considers the question for a moment.
"Well there'd be you, me, Ole Joe of course, Bart, Red, and Pete."
"Whose Bart, Red and Pete?" asks the miner.
The bartender replies "Oh, those are the 3 guys holding Ole Joe down. He don't go for that crap either."
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