For the ladies. Funny animated picture of four male strippers holding the family jewels and shaking up their members. Email your girlfriend, sister, lover or whatever this hilarious animated ecard. male strippers, ladies man, men, naked men, nude men, strippers, streakers, funny, joke, ecard, email, animated men, boys, nudity, gag, holding balls, male dancers, jiggle balls, funny picture, photo, muscled up, muscles, chippendales, exotic dancers.
Since some overpaid, frustrated censor judge at "google" banned the previous animation (which showed absolutely nothing)

the "braintrust" at CH has searched everywhere..                  and here's what we've got for ya so far ladies..



how 'bout gangnan style..

ok, ok. we'll keep lookin'.. but it's "pg" here ladies, so make do..

"A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle." ~Gloria Steinem
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