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strange snake facts
By current classification, there are approximately 3,000 snake species on our planet.
The largest snakes in the world are members of the family Boidae, which includes the boa & python. Some members of this family never attain a length of more than 0.6m (2 ft), but the largest grow to more than 9 m (30 ft).
Anacondas can grow in size from 25 to 40 feet in length.
Pythons and boas are able to detect heat with their lip scales. These organs allow them to target warm-blooded prey in almost total darkness in the dense foliage of the jungle.
King Cobras eat almost all other snakes with the rat snake being it’s favorite.
The hognosed snake (Heterodon sp.), grass snake and the spitting cobra can feign death by flipping on to their backs when threatened. They open their mouths, allow their tongues to loll and can empty a foul smelling substance from their anal glands, making them highly unappetizing to any potential predator.
New Zealand has no snakes at all!
Snakes have no eyelids.
There are 400 species of venomous snake. 235 of them can’t kill you.
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