Angelina and Giuseppi are standing before the judge in divorce court.

Angelina says:
"Your honor, we benna marry 25 years, ana he always picka he'sa nose, ana when we maka love he's a nevera letsa me on top.
I just canna taka dis anymore."

The judge listens solemnly then addresses Giuseppi.
"Giuseppi, isa dis true? 
You always a picka you nose, and you never let Angelina on top?
What you gotta say fora youself?"

Giuseppi says,
"Well your honor, itsa true. I picka my nose a lota, and yeah, Angelina, I tella her she'sa gotta be on da bottom.
Itsa all go'sa back to when Ima younga boy. My Poppa, he'sa very smarta man. I always follow ev'ryting he say.
My Poppa one day he say,
'Giuseppi, I gotta tella you da two main secrets ofa hava successful life:
Number one, you always keepa you nose aclean.
Ana number two, never screw up.' "

saddle up amigo
it's cheap humor..