One day, Little Johnny was home from school earlier than usual. Without a word, he handed his mother a note from the school principal. In the note, the principal wrote, “We are sending Johnny home early to prevent disrupting the class. Please educate him on the difference between male and female.” After reading the note, Little Johnny’s mother took him silently to her bedroom upstairs.

When they were in the bedroom, Little Johnny’s mother said to him, “Little Johnny, take off my shoes.” Little Johnny took off her shoes.

Then she said, “Little Johnny, unbutton my blouse.” Little Johnny took off her blouse.

Then she said, “Little Johnny, take off my skirt.” Little Johnny pulled off her skirt.

Then she said, “Little Johnny, unstrap my bra.” Little Johnny took off her bra.

Then she said, “Little Johnny, pull off my panties.” Little Johnny did what he was told.

Then his mother said sternly, “Little Johnny, don’t you ever ever wear my clothes again!”

it's cheap humor..
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