A young college graduate returned home for a holiday family reunion. He hadn’t been able to find a job since graduating, and he’d spent time protesting at several Occupy rallies. Ergo, he had lots of time to occupy.
“I demand that the government forgive all student loans,” the college graduate protester announced at the dinner table, eliciting several groans from family members who were hoping for a peaceful holiday feast.
“Oh yeah?” the dad responded angrily, eliciting even more groans (a peaceful dinner was out of the question now).
“When I was your age,” the protester’s dad continued.  “I worked three jobs while I was in college so that I wouldn’t need to take out a stinking loan.  I paid for my cars in cash so that I wouldn’t have to take out a loan.  I’ve paid for our house, without ever asking for my loan to be forgiven.  I even paid for half your college expenses while you partied and chose a major that makes you unemployable.  Now, give me one good reason why you think the government should forgive all your student loans.”
The protester smiled at his aggravated dad..
“Because if the government doesn’t forgive all my loans, I’ll have to move back in with you.”
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