"I worry that the person who thought up Muzak may be thinking up something else."
-- Lily Tomlin
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Top 100 Music Sales Of All Time
100. The Monkees, Albums sold: 57.5 M, Genre: Rock, USA
99. John Denver, Albums sold: 58 M, Genre: Folk/Rock/Country, USA
98. Pearl Jam, Albums sold: 58.5 M, Genre: Alternative, USA,
97. Simon and Garfunkel, Albums sold: 59.5 M, Genre: Folk/Rock, USA
96. Frank Sinatra, Albums sold: 60 M, Genre: Standards, USA
95. Perry Como, Albums sold: 60.2 M, Genre: Standards, USA
94. Tina Turner, Albums sold: 60.5 M, Genre: Rock/Pop, USA
93. The Doors, Albums sold: 61 M, Genre: Rock. USA
92. Bryan Adams, Albums sold: 61.5 M, Genre: Pop/Rock, Canada
91. Vicky Leandros, Albums sold: 62 M, Genre: Pop, Greece
90. Chicago, Albums sold: 62.3 M, Genre: Jazz/Rock, USA
89. Guns N’ Roses, Albums sold: 62.7 M, Genre: Hard Rock, USA
88. Phil Collins, Albums sold: 63 M, Genre: Rock/Pop, UK
87. Genesis, Albums sold: 63.5 M, Genre: Rock/Pop, UK
86. Tupac, Albums sold: 64 M, Genre: Rap, USA
85. Eminem, Albums sold: 65 M, Genre: Rap, USA
84. Iron Maiden, Albums sold: 65.2 M, Genre: Metal, UK
83. George Strait, Albums sold: 65.6 M, Genre: Country, USA
82. Kylie Minogue, Albums sold: 66.3 M, Genre: Synth, Australia
81. Van Halen, Albums sold: 66.7 M, Genre: Hard Rock, USA
80. Bay City Rollers, Albums sold: 67.5 M, Genre: Rock, UK
79. Charley Pride, Albums sold: 68.5 M, Genre: Country, USA
78. Roberto Carlos, Albums sold: 68.8 M, Genre: Pop, Brazil
77. Enya, Albums sold: 70 M, Genre: New Age/Celtic, Ireland
76. Gloria Estefan, Albums sold: 70.5 M, Genre: Latino Pop, USA
75. The Carpenters, Albums sold: 71 M, Genre: Pop, USA
74. A-ha, Albums sold: 71.4 M, Genre: Pop, Norway
73. Depeche Mode, Albums sold: 71.9 M, Genre: Pop/Rock, UK
72. Shania Twain, Albums sold: 73 M, Genre: Country/Pop, Canada
71. Dire Straits, Albums sold: 73.3 M, Genre: Pop/Rock, UK
70. Paul McCartney, Albums sold: 74.2 M, Genre: Rock, UK
69. Journey, Albums sold: 74.5 M, Genre: Rock/Pop, USA
68. Backstreet Boys, Albums sold: 75 M, Genre: Pop, USA
67. Spice Girls 3, Albums sold: 76 M, Genre: Pop, UK
66. Hank Snow, Albums sold: 76.5 M, Genre: Folk, Canada
65. Stevie Wonder, Albums sold: 78 M, Genre: Soul/R&B/Disco, USA
64. Eric Clapton, Albums sold: 79 M, Genre: Rock/Blues, UK
63. Fairouz, Albums sold: 79.5 M, Genre: Tradition Arab/pop Lebanon
62. Salavatore Adamo, Albums sold: 80 M, Genre: Italian Pop, Italy
61. Dalida, Albums sold: 80.8 M, Genre: Pop, France
60. Santana, Albums sold: 81 M, Genre: Rock, USA
59. Jean- Michael Jarre, Albums sold: 82 M, Genre: Synth/Pop, France
58. Modern Talking, Albums sold: 82.5 M, Genre: Eurodance, Germany
57. Britney Spears, Albums sold: 84 M, Genre: Pop, USA
56. Eddy Arnold, Albums sold: 85 M, Genre: Country, USA
55. B’z 14, Albums sold: 86 M, Genre: J-Pop, Japan
54. Kiss 30, Albums sold: 87 M, Genre: Hard Rock, USA
53. Earth Wind & Fire, Albums sold: 88 M, Genre: R&B/Funk/Disco/Pop
52. Bob Dylan, Albums sold: 89 M, Genre: Folk/Rock, USA
51. Def Leppard, Albums sold: 89.6 M, Genre: Hard Rock, UK
50. Bruce Springsteen, Albums sold: 90 M, Genre: Rock/Pop, USA
49. Charles Aznavour, Albums sold: 91 M, Genre: Pop, France
48. Johnny Hallyday, Albums sold: 92 M, Genre: Pop, France
47. Fleetwood Mac, Albums sold: 93 M, Genre: Pop/Rock, UK/US
46. Billy Joel, Albums sold: 95 M, Genre: Pop/Rock, USA
45. Aerosmith, Albums sold: 97 M, Genre: Hard Rock, USA
44. Donna Summer, Albums sold: 98 M, Genre: Disco, USA
43. Dolly Parton, Albums sold: 99 M, Genre: Country, USA
42. Lionel Riche, Albums sold: 100 M, Genre: Pop/R&B, USA
41. Johnny Mathis, Albums sold: 101 M, Genre: Rock/Pop, UK
40. Illayaraja, Albums sold: 102 M, Genre: Indian, India
39. OmPrakash, Albums sold: 103 M, Genre: Indian, India
38. Brenda Lee, Albums sold: 104 M, Genre: Pop/Country, USA
37. Luciano Pavarotti, Albums sold: 105 M, Genre: Opera, Italy
36. Ricky Nelson, Albums sold: 105.5 M, Genre: Pop/Country/Rock, USA
35. Prince, Albums sold: 107 M, Genre: Rock/Pop, USA
34. Alla Pugacheva, Albums sold: 107.3 M, Genre: Rock/Pop, Russia
33. Mireille Mathieu, Albums sold: 107.6 M, Genre: Pop, France
32. Barbra Streisand, Albums sold: 107.9 M, Genre: Pop, USA
31. Black Sabbath, 108.2 M, Genre: Hard Rock/Metal, USA
30. Kenny Rogers, Albums sold: 109 M, Genre: Country/Pop/Rock, USA
29. R.E.M., Albums sold: 109.5 M, Genre: Rock, USA
28. Bon Jovi, Albums sold: 114 M, Genre: Rock/Hard Rock, USA
27. The Bee Gees, Albums sold: 116 M, Genre: Pop/Disco, UK/Australia
26. Wei Wei, Albums sold: 120 M, Genre: Pop, China
25. The Eagles, Albums sold: 122 M, Genre: Country/Rock, USA
24. Janet Jackson, Albums sold: 130 M, Genre: R&B/Pop, USA
23. Garth Brooks, Albums sold: 145 M, Genre: Country, USA
22. The Jacksons, Albums sold: 150 M, Genre: R&B, USA
21. U2, Albums sold: 155 M, Genre: Rock/Pop, Ireland
20. ABBA, Albums sold: 160 M, Genre: Disco/Pop, Sweden
19. Whitney Houston, Albums sold: 180 M, Genre: R&B/Pop, USA
18. AC/DC, Albums sold: 185 M, Genre: Hard Rock, Australia/UK
17. Queen, Albums sold: 190 M, Genre: Rock, R&R, UK
16. Julio Iglesias, Albums sold: 200 M, Genre: Latino Pop, Spain
15. Metallica, Albums sold: 204 M, Genre: Hard Rock, USA
14. Led Zeppelin, Albums sold: 207 M, Genre: Rock/Blues, UK
13. Pink Floyd, Albums sold: 210 M, Genre: Prog Rock, UK
12. Celine Dion, Albums sold: 220 M, Genre: Pop, Canada
9. Elton John, Albums sold: 225 M, Genre: Pop, UK
8. Mariah Carey, Albums sold: 240 M, Genre: Pop/R&B, USA
7. The Rolling Stones, Albums sold: 250 M, Genre: Rock, UK
6. Cliff Richard, Albums sold: 252 M, Genre: Rock/Pop, UK
5. Nana Mouskouri, Albums sold: 255 M, Genre: Pop, Greece
4. Madonna, Albums sold: 275 M, Genre: Pop, USA
3. Elvis Presley, Albums sold: 300 M, Genre: Country/Rock, USA
2. Michael Jackson, Albums sold: 350 M, Genre: Pop/R&B, USA
1. The Beatles, Albums sold: 400 M, Genre: Rock, UK